Black Friday - The most anticipated event of the year!

by Sharon Bourne on November 21, 2020

Well, its that time of the year.  Black Friday at RelishMe!

One can say, most people spend online everyday, so what's the big fuss about Black Friday and Cyber Monday?  Well, firstly, we all just love to spend, and spend on clothing, electronics, and anything else that peeks our curiosity.

I personally think Black Friday is a hoot.  It's great to see the adults turn to kids in a candy store, literally!  Some of my friends talk about the Black Friday events that they are gearing up to jump on, hoping that they don't miss out on that heavily discounted product.  It's really is quite the entertainment to listen to them all jabber on.  Don't get me wrong, there are bargains out there and some pretty nifty unknown brands and products for the smart enthusiastic shopper.

At Relish Me we are gearing up for the Black Friday onslaught of human traffic and bargain hunters.  Discounting everything up to 70 percent (70) and just in time, to say the least, we now accept Seezle Buy Now Pay Later.  If you don't have a Seezle account, it's free to set up and start using as your payment method at our checkout page.

Hope all you peeps spend sensibly and keep safe during the holidays! 


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