par Sharon Bourne sur December 07, 2020

Hello welcome back to my channel today i'm going to be reviewing and reacting to Beyonce's new black is king visual album it is finally here. I'm really excited about this album and visual film because Beyonce will be directing and collaborating with a mixture of african and black artists and directors including quasi ford du jour emmanuel adije and also british nigerian film director Jenn Nkiru and many others.

Jenn Nkiru really stands out to me because she's previously worked on other projects with Beyonce including her ape-ship video and she has also released quite a few notable short films including her most recent black to techno film about the origin of techno music in america. Even in terms of video styles, you're seeing the aesthetic of Jenn Nkiru coming through with the eight millimetre film style, you're seeing like a really high definition style coming through and i don't know if that is from Kwasi or as well or from Emmanuel's point of view. But you can see a collage of different film styles and cinematography styles in this video. It's extremely detailed, it's extremely extremely, well thought out everything that has been placed in this video is extremely well considered. The formation, the way they're standing, the way they've been organized in the frame, so i'm really excited to see who she's chosen to work with and what outfits she's going to wear. So let's get into it!

I just got back from watching a video i was really blown away by the attention to detail. This video is lavish, it's opulent, and I can't believe how well researched and well referenced it is this video. It is a celebration, it's a collage, it's a snapshot of black culture from all around the world. From the mundane, to the ceremonial, and i love that there's a mixture of cinematography styles as well as a mixture of fashion styles as well. There's such a wide range of outfits to choose from, I'm not gonna have enough time to review all, of them but i'm going to discuss my favorite looks from "black is king". So, in the opening scene, she appears to be wearing a custom made gown. I really like how it's organic, it flows, it has movement, and it also has a really lovely texture. The texture feels very earthy and it feels almost like a gratian dress, i really like this choice in outfit because in africa, when something is very ceremonial or even for things like a funeral, people will wear white and it really stands out against the backdrop, against that natural sandstone coastline, it's really gorgeous.

My second favorite outfit is the yellow bauman dress that she wore, it's extremely beautiful, it's very simple on the top and appears to have been ruched in the center with a metallic piece of silver or gold metal wear, that actually attaches into a necklace. I think that's extremely beautiful, extremely gorgeous, but it's not overdone you know, it's a very simple silhouette. The top gives it a lot of volume and shape almost like an oversized bow, and then the bottom is a simple straight slinky skirt with a slit down the side. I love that it really accentuates her body, and when you have a body like Beyonce, you don't want to take away too much from it, you want to just frame what you have. I think this does it, extremely beautifully. The shade of yellow as well is just stunning against her skin, I mean, whoever styled this made an extremely good choice here, as it looks very statuesque. The pleats again it gives it subtle texture without over embellishing the outfit, without going over the top, without making it, you know, not tasteful. It's very very tasteful! I think Balmain did an extremely good job of this dress or this look it's extremely beautiful on her.

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